GreenTech S.A. company’s activity is carried out honestly and with integrity. For this reason, GreenTech S.A. has a Whistleblowing procedure.

The aim of whistleblowing is to protect the company against ethical misconduct, fraud and any non-compliance that may damage the image of the company, may cause commercial prejudice or attract legal penalties, reducing the company’s reputation and profitability.

The procedure for reporting ethical misconduct

The procedure for reporting ethical misconduct, irregularities or any violations of law by professional alerting devices (whistleblowing).

Each and every employee, supplier, contractor and subcontractor of the Company, involved in the Company’s activity, may submit, under identity anonymity, intimations or complaints about actions of an employee or other person who acts on behalf of the Company and who violates the law or the internal ethics and business conduct standards of the Company by means of an independent dedicated service provider (“Service Provider”), without fearing retaliation or any kind or dismissal.

Whistleblowers may submit intimations/complaints, confidentially and anonymously by e-mail, post or telephone, using the information mentioned on the Whistleblowing Procedure on each of the GreenTech S.A companies website.


You have accessed the System for taking over the integrity warnings that GREENTECH S.A. makes it available to interested parties to communicate concerns regarding deviations from the rules governing the activity of the company.

By formulating a complaint in good faith, using this system, you gain the status of integrity alert and benefit from the protection offered by the Privacy Policy and the Procedure for reporting ethical misconduct, irregularities or any violations of the law, which you can check on the websites of the GreenTech S.A.

To submit a complaint, please press REPORT!

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