GreenTech story

Started in 2002, GreenTech is one of the most important plastic recyclers in Europe, a top producer of PET flakes, R-PET & PET strap and the company which paved the way of the recycling market in Romania.

Due to our implementation of the highest standards in quality control, our environmentally friendly PET flakes have been applied to a wide-range of industries from food packaging to textiles across markets from Europe and USA, making us a major contributor to the reduction of plastic pollution. We are part of GreenGroup, the largest integrated recycling park in Europe, and we own recycling facilities also in Lithuania and Slovakia.

Production Capacity

We recycle 100,000 PET tons/year

Versatile Uses

Our Recycled PET Flakes are used to produce Polyester Synthetic Fiber and PET strap

Food Grade Packaging

Our Recycled PET Flakes can be used for bottle-to-bottle industry.

Global Reach

We acquire our materials and supply finished products to markets across Europe, USA, Australia and beyond.

Through collecting and recycling, we commit to restore, protect and improve the quality of life in the communities which we serve.
We aim to become leaders in PET waste management while respecting some key business principles:

Use of technologies to achieve the maximum recycling efficiency and standard for the finished products. We adopt policies and practices that promote a sustainable community.

Conducting business activities in an open, transparent manner and engage stakeholders and the public in the development of policies and regulations. We act in an ethical, honest, and professional manner and we set realistic goals to achieve them.

Constant evaluation of the quality of our programs and services to ensure their efficiency and effectiveness. We provide high levels of customer service and we encourage, appreciate and reward excellence.

PET recycled bottles