Contributing to sustainable development is the core principle of GreenTech strategy.

Continuous sustainability along with social and ecological responsibility are two of our core values, which help us to turn waste into resources through innovation.
As our company expands around the world, so do our priorities. We are determined to ensure a better quality of life for both current and future generations.

New products from recycled plastic

Plastic materials transformed into manufactured high quality and durable - r-PET, PET strap and flakes – to be used in other industries.

Water treatment

Water is an essential part of the recycling process. Our platform is equipped with a Water Treatment Station; thus it is treated before reusing it.

Recycling saves energy and
reduces CO2 emissions

GreenTech is saving annualy 45,380 tons of CO2 from PET recycling.

Social responsibility

By minimizing the landfill activity and emphasizing awareness on programs which aim to collect as much plastic scrap as possible, we have established a frame-work for civic education and have also nurtured the responsible behaviour throughout communities.

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PET recycled bottles