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Responsibility for
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Gold Standard Authorized Carbon Certificates
neutralize greenhouse gas emissions!

How about Green?

New resources - 100% recycled PET

Bottle to Bottle R-PET

Engaged in sustainbility

Strapping your Needs

Made 100% of recycled PET

Reducing CO2 Emissions

CO2 emissions savings

CO2 Savings(t)
Let’s keep our air CO2 emission free!

Buying 1t of rPET = 0.9 t reduced CO2 emissions
Buying 1t of recycled PET strap = 0,94 t reduced CO2 emissions

waste to resource

We embraced a closed-loop recycling process, by transforming all plastic materials into sustainable recycled flakes from which we produce r-PET and PET strap.

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circular economy

At GreenTech, we adopted a circular economy model, pursuing the path towards a more sustainable, efficient and resilient future.

Our activity is based on the three principles of the Circular Economy: combating waste and pollution of the environment, keeping products and materials in use, and carbon efficiency.

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