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GreenTech is specialized in recycling post-consumer PET bottles. We target collectors of PET bottles and generators of PET plastic waste.

We are stewards of the environment and are working diligently to provide you with a superior recycling service.

Advanced reception system

The process of weighting is realized only on special weighing platform structures;

Each bale is individually registered;

Trucks are weighted and bales receive a bar code with info about supplier of waste, date of arrival, quality of materials etc. When unloading waste bales, pictures are taken to each of the trucks and uploaded in a server, being available at request;

Evidence of the quality of waste is done on statistical batches (assessing a certain percentage of the amount of the goods received).

Traceability of the waste from collection to recycling & end products

The company ensures transparency of waste collection service from the client (generator of waste) to destination, in recycling plant.
We are focused on quality. To meet the strict demands, GreenTech provides you with training on preparing, separating, and storing recyclables. We are experts in the recycling field and would enjoy assisting you with any questions you may have.

Reliable partner

We approach an open policy, according to which customers always know what the conditions of sale and delivery are.


We guarantee a fair price for PET waste, depending on the product type, quality and quantity.

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