Cleaner Environment!
Reducing CO2 emissions
by recycling PET
Reducing CO2 emissions by recycling PET

The negative impact of CO2 emissions on the environment and on human life it is no longer a prediction of the future. Poor air quality and extreme phenomena are just two of the serious consequences of pollution.

On a global scale, there is a steady increase in plastic consumption which, unfortunately, does not enter the recycling circuit, but reaches the environment, having a disastrous effect on the natural ecosystem.

The project initiated by GreenTech in 2018 - "Reducing CO2 emissions from PET recycling" - supports counteracting pollution caused by other companies by issuing value credits that offset the carbon footprint they leave through their activity.

GreenTech recycles PET packaging and manufactures new recycled plastic products. This process requires a considerably lower energy consumption compared to the manufacture of the same products from virgin inputs. The undeniable benefit obtained is the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

GreenTech is the first company in Europe to implement the CO2 reduction project, producing: PET flakes, PET strap and r-PET granules.



Buzau, Romania

Project type:

Energy efficiency - commercial sector

Project standard:

Accredited by the international Gold Standard certificate

Project start date:


CO2 Savings(t)
Sustainable development goals

By supporting this project, you advocate the protection of the environment, the improvement of the quality of life, but also the regional economy.

production of new resources through PET recycling ensures a reduction of CO2 emissions by 48% compared to the same process from virgin material

energy consumption is reduced by 30% compared to the need spent in the process of virgin material

fuel is reduced by up to 75% compared to the need spent in the production of virgin material

clean environment due to waste collection and preventing them from reaching rivers, lakes, forests, meadows

increasing employment opportunities for people in the region where the project takes place

regional economic development through income distribution, regional integration and connection with other sectors

developing local technical capacity by qualifying human resources in the region

community development by contributing in municipal funds for social insurance (pensions, health)

the development of civic sense through the power of example

ONU goals for sustainable development
SDG 5 - Gender equality
SDG 7 - Clean and affordable energy
SDG 8 - Decent work and growth
SDG 9 - Industry, innovation and infrastructure
SDG 11 - Sustainable cities and communities
SDG 12 - Responsible consumption and production
SDG 13 - Climate action
How are the money obtained from CO2 emissions certificates invested?

The main investment directions of the funds obtained from the carbon credits issued are:

  • Creating a new recycling line for other types of materials;
  • Extension of the r-PET capacity for the food industry;
  • Expanding current recycling capacity in Central and Eastern Europe with the role of encouraging collection and thus contributing to the EU's recycling targets (50%); at the moment, the recycling volume obtained is between 10-20% in the region.

We invite all companies that carry out activities with a negative impact on the environment to support the project "Reducing CO2 emissions through PET recycling" by purchasing carbon certificates issued in compliance with the highest standards imposed by the European organizations.

Benefits of the CO2 offestting certificate buyer:

  • The possibility of integrating the CO2 emissions certificate into its own environmental and sustainability report;
  • The satisfaction of contributing to the well-being of the environment and society.
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