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Recycled PET the key to a circular economy
At GreenTech, we are committed to resource the waste, thus contributing to the environment protection and the conservation of natural resources.

PET is a 100% recyclable material!
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GreenTech ‘closes the loop’ by recycling used bottles, then using that recovered plastic to form new products, such as r-PET, recycled polyester staple fiber or PET Strap.

Recycling, instead of using material from virgin inputs, decreases the overall energy use, CO2 emissions and environmental burden from natural resources extraction.

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Our genuine dedication to preserving nature along with the integrated technologies and business policies which have been adopted across group companies, made us the first ever gold standard certified business for “Reducing C02 emissions through PET recycling” in Europe – saving annually more than 45,380 t C02.

Constantin Damov
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“We are a recycler and producer in the same time which gives us a satisfactory circular feeling. As a recycler, we receive waste and transform it into secondary raw materials, and as producer we give waste a new life. We are being in the same time responsible, after product lifespan, to receive them back as a recycler. And this is how we have a circular story. ”

Constantin Damov,
GreenGroup Chairman

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