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As part of GreenGroup, one of the major resource regenerators in Europe, GreenTech fully understands that the path to a greener tomorrow lies in reimagining how we utilize resources today.

Through PET recycling, we demonstrate the viability of the circular economy, showing the potential of a more harmonious relationship between industry and nature.

Our state-of-the-art recycling process starts with removing impurities, cleaning and sorting post consumer PET bottles and ends with grinding, washing and bailing the high-quality flakes, getting them ready for delivery to final processors.

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By using a rotary sieve and a ballistic separator, the large impurities such as sand and dirt are removed mechanically and other polymers than PET such as PE are separated through flotation.

The metallic waste found in bales is removed automatically by a magnetic separator. The aluminum cans waste is eliminated with an automatically eddy current sorting system. The last step is the optically color sorting for PET bottles, which are fed to grinding mills.


PET plastic is grounded into flakes of 8 up to 12 millimeters size.


Flakes are hot-washed at high temperatures with different cleaning agents, removing any dirt, contamination and glue.

Flakes Sorters

Final sorting of flakes by color and removing any other material than PET.


PET flakes are packed in special covers big-bag type, of approximately 1 ton. The quality content of each bag is tested in laboratories before being sent to final processors.


PET recycled products prevent natural resources from being depleted, while significantly reducing energy and water consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, compared to traditional production methods.

With our partners from a diverse range of industries, we fuel innovation and elevate sustainability standards.

GreenTech’s flakes find integration in a multitude of applications across diverse industry sectors, including automotive, construction, textile, filtration, and hygiene.


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